The Best Food on the Whole Island!! At least that is what they say! Don’t believe us? Just come and Experience it for yourself! Our Amazonian Restaurant is a mix of a Brazilian Steakhouse and a Modern Day Restaurant.

Those who feel Hungry & Adventurous, MUST EXPERIENCE our “All You Can Eat: Rodizio”! Here you get a chance to try all our different types of Meat, as our gauchos come to your table with blades, filled with Delicious and Juicy Exotic Meat. Here you can test your skills as you enter a battle of Food Vs You! And to top it all off, you get to select all of your side dishes as you get to walk around in our “Unlimited Self-Serving Salad Bar”, which is filled with all different kinds of salads, all the way to delicious desserts! Do you have what it takes to handle the “All You Can Eat: Rodizio”?

For those who want a more traditional route, have the “A La Carte” option. Here you get to chance to try our different Beef, Pork, Chicken and Seafood dishes! Don’t have a big stomach? No Problem! We also have different Pastas, Burgers, Arepitas, Salads, you name it!

Whether you’re on a luxurious date with your loved one or a business trip which decides the outcome of the rest of your life, Amazonia’s Restaurant is the place to be. Bring a big appetite and let us do the rest! Oh… and don’t forget your wallet!