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Set amidst a lush rainforest garden, Amazonia: The Lost Island of Dreams, is a “Theme Park” which consists of all kinds of different and fun things to do! Here you can go on an adventure in “The Lost Journey” Tour, where our guide will take you through ancient temples, as you Experience the Amazonian History of its people and meet exotic animals like you’ve never seen before! Have you ever held a snake around your neck before? This is the place to be!

Feeling hungry? Come and get a bite to eat at our Restaurant, where you can get the most delicious food on the Island from our “A La Carte Menu”! For those who feel adventurous and want a real challenge, come and Experience our “All You Can Eat: Rodizio”, where you get the chance to visit our “Unlimited” Salad Bar and see how many rounds you can go with our different types of delicious meats!

Feeling sleepy? Do you dare to stay a night in the middle of Amazonia where everything lives and moves? Come on over to our “Boutique Hotel” that aims to be more than just another luxury resort, as we provide you with an individualized and once in a lifetime experience which is immersive, relaxing, exciting and fun! 

Want more adventure? Take a dip in our Pool! Want to catch all your favorite sporting events? Come and win with your friends at our Sports Bar: The Blue Macaw! Want to experience little fishes biting at your feet? Dr. Fish is the place for you! All this and so much more, only here, at Amazonia: The Lost Island of Dreams!


The Best Food on the Whole Island… at least that is what they say! Don’t believe us? Just come and give it a try! For meat lovers, come and try our different steaks like, Picanha, Tenderloin or Spicy Lomito! Our “Hot Honey Glazed Ribs” or a fancy one of a kind “Chicken Filet” all the way from Mars! Ok… maybe not from Mars, but you get the point! 

Don’t like meat? No Problem! We got different kinds of Seafood, Pastas, Burgers, Arepitas, Salads, you name it! We got it all!

And for those who feel extra Adventurous, you simply must… we repeat, MUST EXPERIENCE our “All You Can Eat: Rodizio”! Here you get a chance to try different types of Meat, as the gauchos come to your table with blades, filled with Delicious and Juicy Meat. Of course, this all can’t be complete without our “Unlimited Salad Bar”, which is filled with all different kinds of salad, all the way to a delicious dessert!! Can you handle our “All You Can Eat: Rodizio”?

Whether you’re on a luxury date with your loved one or a business trip which decides the outcome of the rest of your life, Amazonia Restaurant is the place to be. Bring a big appetite and let us do the rest. Oh… and don’t forget your wallet!


“The Lost Journey” Tour is a 60-minute guided tour that takes you on an epic adventure through ancient temples and ruins, as you experience the story of the Amazonia and its people, their History and Culture. On the way you will meet all different kinds of animals, beautiful ones like our famous Cockatoo, “Luna”, fun ones like our family of “Gold-Handed Tamarin” Monkeys, scary ones like our Snakes, Spiders &Lizards and exciting ones like our Tour guide… Yes, he is awesome!

There are 2 different “Tours”: For the faint hearted, we have the “The Lost Journey” Tour, in which you go around the park, experience the temples, ruins and different pathways, as you see the animals safely behind glass. For those craving adventure and excitement, we have the “Close Encounter” Tour. Here you get everything “The Lost Journey” Tour offers, with the added value of getting the chance to feed the monkeys and getting to touch the animals like our Birds, Lizards and Snakes! Come on… do you know how many likes you’ll get on Facebook and Instagram!!!


Want to catch all your favorite Sporting Events? Come and win together with your friends at our Sports Bar: The Blue Macaw. As you watch and root for your favorite teams, you will be able to order delicious snacks, get lots of beer and get the chance to order your favorite food from our Restaurant, as soon as it opens! Even if your team loses, you always win, at Amazonia’s Sports Bar: The Blue Macaw!


Want to experience little fishes nibbling at your feet? Come on over and Experience our “Dr. Fish”, where you put your feet in a small pool of water and have little “Garra Rufa” fishes come and bite at your feet. Exciting, relaxing and even known to be used to treat psoriasis and eczema, these fish not only remove dead skin cells, but also help to regenerate them. So, if you are ever in need of an unforgettable day, Amazonia and it’s Dr. Fish is the place to be! 


Amazonia: The Lost Island of Dreams, located on the North-Eastern side of Curacao, is situated in an area which is rapidly becoming the island’s epicentre for outdoor activities. Close to Amazonia you will find space and opportunity for outdoor sports within walking distance. There is “Awa Salu Kite Boarding”, “Serena’s Art Studio”, “Aloe Farm”, “Ostrich Farm”, and other beautiful sights worth seeing in the area. Plan your fun in the Sun, all here at Amazonia: The Lost Island of Dreams!

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